Which boat type is right for me?

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To ensure you have the best sailing experience possible, understanding each type of vessel and what they have to offer is key. Here's our guide to the yacht styles available for charter.

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Catamarans are a great choice for people who are new to boating as they are extremely stable. Their two hulls provide a wide base so there's less 'bobbing', they are more comfortable at anchor and because they don't heel over as much there's no need to worry about spilled drinks! The doubled hulled design also means they generally have much more living space, most of which is above the water line allowing for more light and better views, plus excellent ventilation in the saloon area. The two sleeping areas (one in each hull) are separated by the living area, allowing for greater privacy and making them a great choice for groups of friends or families with children. Catamarans also tend to have a shallower draft and often feature a trampoline or net stretching from each side of the vessel, perfect for sunbathing close to the water’s surface.


Designed originally for fishermen, gulets have become popular vessels to charter and represent fantastic value, often providing more boat and facilities to motor and sailboats in a similar price bracket. Classed as motor sailors, they use engines as their main propulsion and the sails as support and most often their weekly rates include fuel for four hours of cruising per day. They have huge open decks, perfect for relaxing or alfresco dining plus ensuite cabins, making them ideal for families and groups or those not used to boating, but want to experience a holiday on the water and the creature comforts of a villa. Gulets always come with a crew, so you can relax and unwind, safe in the knowledge that you are being well taken care of.

Sailing boats

The environmentally friendly option, sailing boats use just the wind as their principal source of power. Fuel costs are low, making them an economical choice, plus charter prices and mooring fees are also cheaper. By relying on the wind, you are at the mercy of Mother Nature, and if the weather isn't co-operating some patience may be required, but there is nothing quite as thrilling as sitting on the deck of a sailing yacht as it glides through the water, the tight sails full of wind. With an air of romanticism, sailing boats are an excellent option for adventurers who want to learn how to sail, plus, as all of our charters are skippered, you can choose to be 'hands on' or just sit back and relax.

Motor yachts

Motor yachts tend to be more modern and luxurious, with all mod cons and high-end interiors, and due to their design, often provide greater deck and cabin space than their sailing yacht cousins of the same length. Motor yachts sit relatively shallow in the water, so they can cruise in shallower waters, allowing for closer access to beaches or opening up anchorages that may otherwise be restricted. Having no sails and packing powerful diesel engines, motor yachts offer excellent performance and stability, but they are thirsty and will use more fuel through your journey, so are more expensive to run.

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