Our Price Promise


A common misconception of travel companies is that it is more expensive to use them than booking direct; not at Nelson Travel!

A free service

When you book a holiday with Nelson Travel, we take commissions from the suppliers in your itinerary, meaning there is no extra cost than if you were to book direct, and we often offer a lower price due to our relationships and agreements with our suppliers. You receive our expertise, service and financial protection for free.

Free consultations

There is no charge for getting in touch. Whether you would like to book a holiday now or in years to come, we are very happy to discuss your plans and advise.

Booking flights

With regards to flights, we pass on the rates we are given directly by the airlines with no mark up. We can't guarantee to be competitive with flight prices as sales and special offers released on airline websites sometimes undercut these rates. However, you are welcome to book these independently if preferred.

Please note we cannot use or collect any airline/credit card points or vouchers on your behalf. We are also unable to book flights which do not originate from the UK.

Price match

We capitalise on promotions for your benefit. Should you have come across a special offer or promotion, we will have used it in our costing. However, please do not hesitate to send it our way for confirmation.

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