Our Price Promise


A common misconception of travel companies is that it is more expensive to use them than booking direct; not at Nelson Travel! We save you money and provide excellent service and guidance along the way.

Our model

Our model is simple, we work on a commission basis with the suppliers in your trip, meaning you get the same price booking through us as direct, and we often better the price and inclusions due to our relationships with the hotels. We then take care of all the transfers and complexities at no additional cost. You get our experience, advice and service for free.

Best price guarantee

Our best-price guarantee means that in the unlikely event you were to find a like-for-like itinerary for less elsewhere, we’ll match it and reward you with a £50 loyalty fee.

Free consultations

There is no charge for getting in touch. Whether you would like to book a holiday now or in years to come, we are very happy to discuss your plans and offer advice.

Booking flights

With regards to flights, we pass on the rates we are given directly by the airlines with no mark up. We can't guarantee to be competitive with flight prices, as sales and special offers released on airline websites sometimes undercut these rates. However, you are welcome to book flights independently if you prefer.

Our 3 pillars

Expertise | Service | Price

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