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Gorilla Trekking; Rwanda or Uganda

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Seeing gorillas in the wild is arguably one of the most majestic and mesmerising experiences on this planet. The two best places we operate are Uganda and Rwanda - but which is right for you?

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Mountain gorillas only live in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, in the national parks that straddle these three countries.

In Rwanda

In Rwanda, in the Volcanoes National Park, located about 3 hour drive from Kigali in the country's northwest. The park hosts 150 habituated gorillas split into 12 groups with several wild ones and issues 96 gorilla trekking permits every day to visitors. The oldest habituated gorillas are here.

Rwanda is peaceful, clean and safe, and there is no corruption or bribery here. Everything here is exceptionally well organised also. The prices may be noticeably higher, but so are the overall standards. Gorilla trekking in Rwanda is also more accessible, with several gates to the park from the farmland surrounding it and all the facilities and infrastructure to make it a pleasant and sustainable experience. 

Rwanda Permit Price

$1,500 per person per day.

Uganda Permit Price

$600 per person per day.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda

Gorilla trekking in Uganda happens mostly in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and a tiny bit in Mgahinga National Park as there is only one habituated gorilla family there. Bwindi has nearly 400 mountain gorillas split into 36 social groups, 10 habituated to humans and welcome daily visits. Gorilla trekking permits in Uganda are far more affordable at $600 per person per day. The gorillas are farther and harder to reach than in Rwanda however.

Our verdict

When comparing gorilla trekking between Rwanda and Uganda, the cost of the permit is the main decision factor for most; Uganda tends to be the chosen destination for this reason. However, if you enjoy intimate and high-end experiences, or are on a honeymoon, we would point you towards Rwanda. The overall experience is that much better and will be on par with the price.

The best time to visit

For both Uganda or Rwanda, it's during the two dry seasons: between December and February, and between June and September.

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