The LUX* Hotels in Mauritius: A Guide to the Best Choices for Families and Honeymooners

Mauritius is home to four LUX* Resorts that cater to both families and honeymooners, so knowing which LUX* hotel suits your needs will make all the difference.

Our guide will help you choose the best LUX* hotel in Mauritius for you, highlighting the top picks for families and honeymooners, all with a mixture board options including all-inclusive.

Top LUX* Hotels in Mauritius for Families

LUX* Belle Mare: The quintessential choice for families seeking a blend of luxury and fun. This resort offers spacious villas and suites that are perfect for families of all sizes. The kids' club (PLAY) and teens' club (Studio 17) provide engaging activities and entertainment for children and teenagers, ensuring they have a memorable holiday. Parents can relax knowing their kids are in safe hands while they enjoy the resort's other amenities.

Why Choose LUX* Belle Mare for Families
  • Spacious family accommodations
  • Extensive kids’ and teens’ clubs
  • Wide range of family-friendly activities
  • All-inclusive option available

LUX* Grand Gaube: Another excellent choice for families is LUX* Grand Gaube. This resort features interconnecting rooms, making it easy for families to stay close while enjoying their own space. The dedicated kids' and teens' clubs offer a variety of activities ensuring that everyone has a fantastic time.

Why Choose LUX* Grand Gaube for Families
  • Interconnecting family rooms
  • Kids’ and teens’ clubs with diverse activities
  • Family-friendly dining options
  • All-inclusive option available

Top LUX* Hotels in Mauritius for Honeymooners

LUX* Le Morne: The top pick for honeymooners looking for a serene and romantic retreat. Nestled on the southwest coast of Mauritius, this resort offers stunning sunset views, romantic beach dinners, and luxurious, private accommodations. The tranquil environment and secluded beaches make it the perfect setting.

Why Choose LUX* Le Morne for Honeymooners
  • Stunning sunset views
  • Romantic beachfront dining
  • Secluded and serene environment
  • All-inclusive option available

LUX* Grand Baie offers a versatile option suitable for both families and honeymooners. The resort features family-friendly suites and a range of activities, including water sports and excursions. For honeymooners, the private suites and villas, combined with beachfront settings and exclusive dining experiences, make it an excellent choice.

Why Choose LUX Grand Baie for both
  • Family-friendly suites and activities
  • Romantic private suites and villas
  • Exclusive dining experiences
  • All-inclusive option available


When choosing the best LUX* hotel in Mauritius, it’s essential to consider the specific needs of your trip. For families, LUX* Belle Mare and LUX* Grand Gaube stand out as the top choices with their extensive family-friendly facilities and activities. For honeymooners, LUX* Le Morne offers an unparalleled romantic experience, while LUX* Belle Mare also provides an intimate and luxurious setting for couples. All these resorts offer all-inclusive options, ensuring a hassle-free and relaxing stay.

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