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Our Story; Inspiring Bucket List Travel


Our Story; Inspiring Bucket List Travel

It began in Africa

Nelson Travel wasn't always as global as you see today. Initially, we were an African safari operator only, helping clients explore the many joys of Southern and Eastern Africa. Our clients included honeymooners, families and retirees, all wanting to do the same thing; tick off some of their biggest travel aspirations, and so often whilst celebrating a special moment in life, whether it a honeymoon, a family gathering or a landmark birthday.

Listening to our clients

After years of being asked by our clients, can you do here, can you do there? Instead of saying no, we started saying yes. We entered new territories based on our client's interests -often aligned with the Nelson Travel team's- and this has been our straightforward approach ever since. You now have the Nelson Travel you see today.

Expertise, service and price

Expertise, service and price are the pillars of who we are and what we offer. There are added benefits, such as our carbon offset scheme, financial protection etc. However, we have found clients like us most as we are always here on the other side of the phone, offer excellent guidance, aren't pushy or 'sales-like' and only take an agent's commission from our suppliers (meaning our service is free to you).

Working towards one goal

The Nelson Travel team have a passion for travel, as do the people we work with around the globe. Finding these people and working with them is a skill and a joy, and clients feel this enthusiasm, one team working towards one goal; your holiday.

A sustainable approach

We -our clients and our team- are travelling more responsibly than ever. So many clients ask if there is a chance to give back or visit a community project; the answer is a resounding yes! This is most accessible and apparent when on safari. Additionally, we are very proud to work with Root to Fruit, a Malawi-based social enterprise that allows individuals to reduce their carbon footprint. The project not only offsets Co2 but also improves the local environment and the local community's livelihoods.

Our mission statement

We don't want you to go on holiday with us just once. We want you to love your holiday, to love working with us, and to continue to enjoy the wonderful travel opportunities we offer.

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