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Best time to visit Mozambique

Untouched paradise.


Whilst a popular destination for snorkelling and scuba diving, Mozambique is more than just a beach destination and can also be combined with a safari for a truly unforgettable experience.

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December to March: The Wet Season

This is Mozambique’s rainy season, with cyclones particularly prominent in the months of January and February. Although rains tend to ease slightly in March, the weather can still be quite unpredictable with torrential downpours not uncommon, though these tend to be fast and furious. Generally, these months are hot and humid (an attractive climate for mosquitos), but the waters are warm with an abundance of marine life to be explored along with excellent turtle and bird watching opportunities.

April to June: The Dry Season Begins

This marks the start of Mozambique’s dry season, with daytime temperatures averaging 27°C. For those destined for the beach, expect blue skies, plenty of sunshine and calm waters (perfect for diving). Come June, you may be lucky enough to glimpse a humpback whale as the migration season begins. Book well in advance if you're planning of travelling over Easter.

July to September: Prime Safari Beach Season

Temperatures are perfect with maximum temperatures reaching around 29°C with low humidity and cooler evenings. This is a perfect time for both water sports and even safari adventurers. Whilst whales continue migrating through until December these months are the peak time to spot them. If you are planning to pair your holiday with a safari, then there is no better time.

October & November: Shoulder Season

As we start to approach the end of the dry season, temperatures start to creep up, with a maximum of approximately 34°C. If you can stand the heat and also provides very calm waters for divers. You may be lucky enough to watch turtles come ashore as they begin to nest for the season. November may provide some showers, but generally, these don’t set in until December.

Quick Notes

Turtle nesting season: November – March

Whale migration: June – December

Dry Season: April – November

Rainy season: December – March

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