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Adventure in Namibia

A unique desert savannah. Extraordinary.

Adventure in Namibia

A unique desert savannah. Extraordinary.

Namibia is one big adventure. Everywhere you look in this country - whether you're a child or adult - your jaw will drop. It's also an incredibly safe place to travel and the people here are known to be some of the nicest in Africa.

Where is it?

Namibia is situated southwest Africa, above South Africa, next to Botswana and below Angola. It's Caprivi Strip also reaches Zambia.

What to see?

Etosha National Park, Skeleton Coast, Dune of Sossusvlei, Damaraland, Fish River Canyon, The Namib Desert; the list is endless.

When to go?

Namibia is a year round destination, however between July & October is when game viewing in Etosha National Park is particularly good.

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Namibia is desert paradise - it is a mind blowing destination. Everyone leaves with the desire to return, mainly because you know you've only scratched the surface.

Ben Nelson

The Big Question - Fly, Guided Drive or Self-Drive?

A big question as Namibia lends itself to all forms of travel. For some, the beauty of a safari lies in flying into remote locations. For others, it's the sense of covering terrain by road which appeals, whether with you or an experienced guide behind the wheel; the joy of seeing the country turn by turn brings a sense of adventure and reward. We specialise in all methods and would be happy to help you choose what's right - perhaps a mixture...

Perfect for Families, Groups, Couples or Honeymooners

Namibia has a vast array of activities, accommodation and facilities. You can do child-friendly activities such sand boarding, quad biking for teenagers, wilderness trails for walkers or hot air balloons for all. There's an endless list of fun: horse riding, game drives, night drives or stargazing.

Sparsely Populated

Namibia has one of the lowest population densities in the world with merely 3.2 persons per kilometre squared, with a total population of under 3 million people.

World Famous Dunes

The Namib-Desert, 80 million years old, is host to some of the largest sand dunes in the world. They are both striking and great fun to climb.

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Desert Adapted Wildlife

Much of Namibia's wildlife has adapted to the dry desert landscape and it's these adaptation that are fascinating. The elephant have adapted to desert life by having smaller bodies, broader feet and longer legs than their African relatives. In the wet season, they prefer fresh young leaves and buds, but can survive on a myriad of drought-resistant plants in the dry season. The desert lions don’t need to drink as much water but get all the moisture they need from their kill.

Independence in 1990

Germany colonised Namibia from 1884 to 1915, after which South Africa (within the Commonwealth) ruled until 1966 before independence being officially granted in 1990.

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