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Southern Tanzania

Untouched Africa.

Southern Tanzania

Untouched Africa.

Perfect for those who are after something more raw, private, adventurous yet still luxurious. The National Parks, Selous and Ruaha, are lesser travelled compared to the Tanzania's Northern Parks (Serengeti etc) and feel like a trip back in time.


Granted UNESCO World Heritage status for its exceptional biodiversity and undisturbed habitats, Selous is Africa’s largest protected wilderness area. Yet at three times the size of the Serengeti, it remains blissfully quiet and undiscovered.


In 2008 the Usangu Game reserve merged its borders with Ruaha transforming it into Tanzania’s largest national park. There are still only a handful of camps found here, which has built Ruaha’s reputation as Tanzania’s best kept game viewing secret.

Beach finish?

Zanzibar is a short flight away; the spice-scented, quintessential Indian Ocean idyll. Tropical, turquoise waters lap miles of palm-fringed, sandy beaches. We are also big fans of smaller islands nearby, notably Fanjove Island & Pemba Island.

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Tanzania's Southern Parks are a beautiful contrast to the Northern Parks (Serengeti etc). If you like privacy and the feeling of space, then you don't need to look much further - especially if boating and walking activities are of interest.

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Selous Game Reserve

Wonderfully wild and atmospheric, Selous is a game-rich riverine wilderness of palms, forest, lakes and savannah.

Located in Southern Tanzania, far from the busy crowds, you will find the Selous Game Reserve, Africa's largest game reserve. Yet, given its size,  it remains a hidden gem to tourists, which only adds to its appeal.

Wonderfully wild and atmospheric, Selous is a game-rich riverine wilderness of palms, forest, lakes and savannah. At the heart of the Selous Game Reserve, Tanzania's largest river, the Rufiji, forms a complex network of channels. These are the life source of a park which hosts fantastic game, including buffalo, hippo, crocodile, elephant, wild dog and prides of lions. Given its size, it is impossible to count the exact wildlife numbers.

Selous has the best selection of safari activities of all Tanzania's National Parks. You can walk, boat and fly camp here - the boating safaris being the stand out attraction. Selous is untouched African wilderness yet still easily accessible from/to Dar and Zanzibar.

Interesting Fact

Selous is named in honour of the Englishman Frederick Courtney Selous, who lived and hunted in the region from 1871 for around forty years.

Interesting Fact

Established as a wildlife reserve in 1922, Selous is the oldest wildlife reserve in Africa.

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Ruaha National Park

Hot, dry and wild, the untrammelled expanse of Ruaha National Park is Tanzania's best kept wildlife secret.

Ruaha is well known for its varied dramatic scenery, which includes rolling hills; large open plains; groves of skeletal baobabs and along its southern border, the Great Ruaha River, from which the park gets its name. This is by far the most dominant geographical feature of the national park and, for the wildlife it is the most important. Ruaha has a hot, dry climate which means the animals don’t tend to stray too far from dependable water sources. This makes predicating game movements far easier particularly in the dry season.

What's in the name

Ruaha originates from the Hehe tribe word 'Ruvaha', which means river.

Did you know?

Approximately 10,000 elephants reside here and a tenth of the world's lion population.

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Zanzibar, Pemba or Fanjove Island

They are magical; a spice-scented, quintessential Indian Ocean idyll. Tropical, turquoise waters lap miles of palm-fringed, sandy beaches.

The Zanzibar archipelago consists of more than 50 islands, ranging from tiny outcrops to the larger, more populated islands of Zanzibar, Pemba and Fanjove. The beaches are often stunning, with powdery white sand, shaded by palm trees. The sea is shallow, but venture further out into the sparkling, turquoise water and you'll find coral reefs for great snorkelling and diving. The larger islands are lush and highly fertile and everywhere the air is suffused with the aroma of fruit and spices: it's an intoxicating, exotic atmosphere.

Popular as a post-safari choice, an Indian Ocean holiday can also be a great stand-alone escape. They offer an exceptional diversity of accommodation, from simple beach lodges and small boutique hotels to all-inclusive beach resorts and luxury hotels.

Fun Fact

Did you know that one of the most famous musicians in the world, Farroukh Bulsara – who you might know as Freddie Mercury – was born in Zanzibar in 1946. There are many tributes to Freddie Mercury at various locations around Stone Town, and Queen fans flock to the Shangani area of Zanzibar, where he grew up.

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