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Self-Drive Namibia

The home of self-drive safaris

Self-Drive Namibia

The home of self-drive safaris

A self-drive journey is a more independent and rewarding way of travelling, generally for those who seek a little adventure. They make great memories and are well suited for families, adventurers and even honeymooners; and there's no better place to do it than Namibia!


It's not limited to anyone; that's the beauty. However, generally those who seek adventure and enjoy their own independence love it most.

In what

We have access to all of types of self-drive safari vehicles with partners who we have worked with for years.

For how long

Given how big Namibia is, we recommend travelling for 2-3 weeks (or more). The key is not to rush and to take it all in.

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I've driven much of Africa myself and love it every time I get in the car and grab the wheel. It's a lot of fun for the right person. You need to not mind things potentially going wrong - that's when it becomes an adventure!

Ben Nelson

Namibia; home to the Self-Drive Safari

Pure desert savannah; this country has massive dunes, exotic wildlife, a famous coastline and more jaw-dropping views than you can imagine.

Namibia is known for being the perfect self-drive safari destination. In fact, most travellers tend to opt for this mode of transport here. The road infrastructure is very good, the people are super friendly and navigating yourself is surprisingly straight forward. On top of this Namibia has an incredible selection of stunning tented camps and exciting lodges for you to choose from.

When to travel

As Namibia is a desert country with little rainfall and thus it is less seasonal than your typical safari destination. There really is no bad time to travel but do discuss this with us in detail as there are small pro's and con's throughout the year.


At first thought, it might sound a bit much to have children on this type of trip. However, it is actually the perfect trip for children! Children often prefer being driven by their parents over sitting in transfer, and there's a wealth of activities on offer; they'll be kept well entertained - as will the adults.

Our service

We supply everything, the vehicle, the itinerary, the maps and 24/7 support.

Take it slow

Don't try fit too much into your itinerary. The fun stops as soon as you start rushing.

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Benefit of Self Drive? Well...

The beauty of having your own vehicle is that you can drive anywhere, literally anywhere. You could drive into the remotest corners of Namibia and stay in some really wild locations.

It's amazing fun and the level of adventure can be dialled from 1 to 10 depending on what you're after. The key is knowing where to go, how to book and knowing who to call if you need support. That's where we step in. Whether you're driving remote in corners of the country or get stuck in sandy tracks, know you're never alone and we're just a call away.


From guesthouses to tented camps and 5 star lodges, Namibia caters for a vast range of budgets.

A free service

We take all our commission from our suppliers, so you get our service, expertise and support at no cost.

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